While at Auburn, I took the class “Digital Media Production” and loved it! In this class, I learned how to apply concepts of composition like the rule-of-thirds, leading lines, depth, field-of-view and perspective. I also learned the impact editing can make with low vs high angles, mergers, jump shots and cutaways.

Hornsby Farms

This project featured The Spring Harvest Dinner at Hornsby Farms in Opelika, Alabama. The event was hosted by the owners of the farm, Beth and Josh Hornsby, in order to promote local producers.

Student Journalist

At the time of filming, Lily Jackson was a journalism student at Auburn University in which she discusses the importance of her chosen career. She’s now an alumna and journalist for Alabama Media Group.

Sip 'N' Paint

This montage of a community event in Auburn, Alabama, captured a beautiful sunny day at the Auburn Hotel where two locals were hosting a class for flower arranging and painting.