About Me: I Love Communication

I was born and raised in the Atlanta suburb of Canton, Georgia. Here, I grew up with a great family that always encouraged me to pursue what I was passionate about. They taught me that anything is possible if you are will to put in the work and attention to pursue your goals. When I was young, I focused a lot of my attention on creativity and craft. In high school, my favorite class was always art, and I was a part of the marching band color guard. When I started college, I continued to perform in the Auburn University Marching Band flag line. It wasn’t until late in my college career that I decided to pursue a studio minor in painting. Some find it surprising that a public relations major would add a painting minor. I believe communicators and artists are cut from the same cloth. In fact, their goals are the same: to convey an understanding of humanity. Whether the medium is pigment on canvas, pixels on a screen or words on paper, the results are the same. In the end, my painting education is for personal satisfaction. Communication, however, I find an utterly fascinating and exciting career path.


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