Creating My Logo


My mom always says that I have “eclectic” tastes. What I think she means to say is that I feel comfortable exploring many styles at once. In my bedroom, I have a framed chart depicting the many varieties of shark teeth (both ancient and modern) hanging next to floor-to-ceiling blue-velvet curtains. One day I might dress as if I’m headed to a power luncheon and the next like I just came from a Whitesnake concert. My logo, hopefully, represents this dichotomy of styles my mom so often refers to. The font that makes up my initials is simple and strong while maintaining a delicate presence with its variety of stroke widths and a classic serif typeface. The backward “K” anchors the other two letters and produces a zany quality. The smudges of blue add an electric element to the calm effect created by the initials.


Finishing the Sketch

I created my logo using Photoshop. First, I made some rough sketches on paper until I landed on a general design. Then, working from the space allotted from my website header, chose a font and worked with many layers. Through the process, I learned to use the different paint brushes, marquees, pens and eraser tools, to name a few. It took a while, but eventually, I found a result I think truly represents me: eclectic.

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